Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bitsoli's Biblio Files

Welcome to the first installment of Bitsoli's Biblio Files. I'm Stephen Bitsoli, an employee and erstwhile feature writer (and even more erstwhile restaurant reviewer) for The Macomb Daily newspaper.
As the title of the blog suggests, this will be a blog about books for people who love to read them, though I may occasionally go off on a tangent or stray into other media, including magazines, radio drama, television and film. I may even opine upon related topics such as the recent or imminent closing of many Borders book stores. But mostly I will be dealing with books.
I have an extensive private library, but I'm particularly fond of obscure fiction, much of it falling under the broad category of science fiction and fantasy.
I'll only mention a couple of favorite titles by way of introducing myself.
"The Fool on the Hill" by Matt Ruff is an urban fantasy set on the campus of Cornell University. It involves bohemian students on horseback, fairies, a secret college for dogs, the muse Calliope and a professor named Stephen Titus George who can summon the wind and must slay a dragon to save the life of his love, Aurora Borealis Smith. I also like his "Set This House in Order," a novel about an individual with multiple personalities who time-share his body.
"The Tremor of Forgery" by Patricia Highsmith  is a suspense novel of sorts, though not involving a heist or a murder. A man goes to Tunisia to write a screenplay, but suffers a sort of breakdown when he learns the director has killed himself in the writer's apartment. I've also read most of her other novels, which include "Strangers on a Train" and "The Talented Mr. Ripley."
That's enough for this first post. Next time I may pontificate on one of my recent obsessions, "steampunk." Feel free to research the term in the meantime.

Stephen Bitsoli


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