Friday, May 4, 2012

World Steam Expo update

     The upcoming World Steam Expo, May 27-30, has added a couple of new acts. 

     First, the Absinthe Minded Professors -- Joshua Safford, storyteller, Michi Regier, violinist, and Misti Bernard, esoteric instrumentalist -- combine Victorian science fiction storytelling with classical music, but are described as “not a band but a scientific dramatic attraction.” The “hallucinatory” show promises that “in addition to being gutted for their spare parts (the audience members) are treated to automated Jane Austen, bloody prequels to “The Nutcracker, and bizarre big game hunters.”

     Another new addition, singer-songwriter Eli August, has just released a new CD, "The Victorian Dead," which features "A glimpse into the lives of eight famous Victorian figures," including tracks titled "Jules" (Verne), Nikkola (Tesla),"Samuel" (Clemens, aka Mark Twain) and "Edgar" (Poe). He also has a selection of handmade Victorian-named soaps available on his website, including "Edgar Allan potpourri."

     And there are some more merchants listed on the World Steam Expo website for whom I couldn't find links. They are:
  • Spectral Nova
  • Sweet Steam
  • Gun and Roses
  • Amber Fox
  • Realtime Studios
  • Part time Jewelers
  • Beadful things
  • Carl M. Schwartz
  • Brad, the pen guy
  • Kelly Kotulak
  • Allegrato Trinkets   
       No updates on the cost of attendance (although its Facebook page said the $60 for all four days offer had expired). No details on the art show either. (It's not the best-run website, actually)


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